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「The Voyage of Self」藝術展

Bubble Air呈獻「The Voyage of Self」藝術展


電影《抱抱我的初戀》﹝Love, Simon﹞中有一句對白,「只有同志才需要出櫃,這不公平。」﹝It doesn’t seem fair that only gay people have to come out.﹞「出櫃」的確是不少同志面對過的關口,可能是難關,也可能很輕鬆;「出櫃」可能是一時衝動,也可能是經過深思熟慮之後的行動。

為了令更多人了解同志的出櫃過程,包括當中的迷惘掙扎、種種個人考量和爭取同志平權的承擔、出櫃後的喜悅和適應,Bubble Air 將於2018年11月24至25日,於灣仔茂蘿街7號,4樓舉辦「The Voyage of Self」藝術展及3樓301室舉辦分享會 ,邀請茜利妹、Joe Lam、王曼喜陳驚、Ruby Law、Kit Chan 和 Bubble Air 位創作人以視覺藝術結合互動多媒體的形式,演繹出櫃的五步心路歷程:迷惘、探索、掙扎、接受自己的性取向及活出自己。此項活動由Lush贊助。

Bubble Air發言人表示:「我們希望是次活動能增進同志和異性戀者的共融。『出櫃』除了有關性取向,更重要是一個面對自己,接受自己的過程。每個人都是獨一無二的個體。同志要接納自己的性取向,異性戀者也要接納自己的各個面向,大家都會經歷一個過程。異性戀者無需『出櫃』,但生命中總有需要直視自己,接納自己的經歷,來看這個展覽,會否有似曾相識的感覺?其實『櫃』是虛擬的,如果我們能坦然接受各人的不同,『櫃』就不再存在。主流社會不明白同志,對不明白的事情,有時我們會選擇視而不見、輕輕帶過又或大驚小怪。希望人們參觀完這個展覽後,會對跟自己不同的人多點關懷,多點同理心。共融建基於了解和尊重,歡迎所有參觀者跟我們分享他們獨特的經驗。」

Bubble Air will present the “The Voyage of Self” arts exhibition which demonstrates the psychological journey of coming out

“It doesn’t seem fair that only gay people have to come out.” is a dialogue appeared in the film “Love, Simon”. It cannot be denied that “come out” is a critical stage faced by many gay people. It may be a difficult stage to some of them while a easy one for the others.

In order to make more people understand the coming out process of gay people, including confusion, struggle, various personal concerns, commitment to fight for equal rights for people of different sexual orientations as well as joy and adoption after coming out, Bubble Air will present the “The Voyage of Self” arts exhibition from 24th  – 25th  November 2018. The exhibition will be held at 4/F at 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong and the sharing talks will be held at Room 301. Bubble Air has invited 7 creators including Missy Hyper, Joe Lam, Kayla Wong, Kenn Chan, Ruby Law,  Kit Chan and Bubble Air to demonstrate the five-step journey of coming out in the form of visual art combined with interactive multimedia. It contains the stages of confusion, exploration, struggle, accepting your own sexual orientation and living yourself. The exhibition is sponsored by the LUSH.

Bubble Air spokesman said, "We aim to enhance the inclusion between gay and straight people through the activity. “Coming out” is not only about sexual orientation but also an important process of facing and accepting yourself. Everyone is a unique individual. Gay people need to accept their sexual orientation and straight people also need to accept different aspects of themselves. Straight people do not need to come out but they still require to face themselves and accept their own experiences in life. Come to see our exhibition and you may have similar feeling. In fact, “closet” is virtual. “Closet” will not be existed anymore if all of us can accept the difference of each other.” The mainstream society does not understand gay people and people always choose to ignore or fear to the things that they are not understand. We hope that people can care about the others with empathy after watching our exhibition. Inclusion is premised on understanding and respect and we welcome participants to share their unique experiences with us.”

  • 發佈日期 // 2018-10-14
  • 活動日期 // 2018-11-24
  • 時間 // 10:00:00
  • 參加人數 // 100
  • 地點 // 香港灣仔茂蘿街7號 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong